Protandim Canada

Protandim CanadaProtandim is available in Canada for customers and distributors.  You can purchase Protandim as a customer or setup a distributor account and build a LifeVantage business.  The cost of Protandim is the same for both customers or distributors at the wholesale price of CAD$44. Preferred Customers can save on shipping by setting up quarterly shipments instead of monthly orders, however, one-time orders can also be made for customers.

Because LifeVantage is a referral based business, if you are already working with a LifeVantage distributor, please contact them to purchase Protandim or enroll as a distributor. If you do not have a distributor to help you or if you need more information about how you can become involved in LifeVantage in Canada, I’m willing to assist you.  Please contact me or use the links on this page or the phone number below.

Protandim ships from the Canada warehouse, and takes about 5-8 business days.  LifeVantage also sells a topical skin care system (called TrueScience).  TrueScience  has Protandim in it, click this link to TrueScience for more information.  Our Canine Health product is not available in Canada yet (we’re waiting for government approval before we can sell it in Canada), but custom orders can be arranged.  Axio is also not available at this time in Canada yet.

For Local inquiries, please contact one of the following:

Vancouver or Victoria Island, please contact Dora or Pete by phone at 250-723-9372.

Eastern British Columbia call Collin at 250-231-2078 for orders.

Edmonton or Calgary, please contact Marcel via email. or Marcel by phone at 780-788-9198.

Ontario or Manitoba, please call Glen: 289-879-5449 or Wanda at 905-900-0707.

Nova Scotia contact Christoph via email in Halifax.

For Chinese orders for Canada, contact Raymond 汉语.

Become a distributor in Canada?

Yes, we’re fully open with the correct listing and approval from government agencies. You will need a sponsor to enroll you.  If you need a sponsor, please send me a message via email. However, again, if you are currently working with an existing distributor please continue to work with that person.  My interest is helping the entire country, so please feel free to ask any questions.

How do you Buy Protandim in Canada Now?

There are three options to buy Protandim in Canada.  One is become a preferred customer, the other is to place a one time custom order, and the third is enroll as a distributor.  The prices for Protandim are nearly all the same, but there are different benefits or advantages to each.


Click here to buy protandim in Canada as a customer.  The video below will show you how to do this, and provide some tips to save on shipping costs.  If you have questions, send me an email.  We can customize your order anyway you want after you setup your account.  There is no extra cost or fees for a customer account.  You do not have to have a repeat order (called an auto-ship) unless you want to, and you can change this anytime (see the video).  Basically you set it up with one, then you contact me or customer service and cancel it.  That way you can get the lowest prices, and customize any repeat orders that you want, or not have it at all.


For phone orders please call 866-460-9610 or send me a message via email.

For Local orders in Canada see the list above on this page, or call this number 866-460-9610, and I will connect you with a person close to you.  Most local distributors don’t stock extra Protandim, but I may be able to connect you to a local distributor who may have some.


If you want to setup a distributor account, to qualify to earn commissions on referrals, please follow this link.  Please contact me for specific information on what aspect of a distributor account you are most interested in.

Video HOW TO (Enroll as a Customer)


What distributor packages are offered?

There are 3 options for distributors (remember you can just be a customer, this is optional) .

Platinum Pack – $1,320.00 CAD (1000 PV) – Start Kit, 13 Protandim Bottles, 2 LifeVantage TrueScience Beauty Systems (includes: 2 TrueScience Ultra Gentle Facial Cleanser Bottles, 2 TrueScience Perfecting Lotion Bottles, 2 TrueScience Eye Corrector Serum Bottles, and 2 TrueScience Cream Bottles), 4 TrueScience Micro Lift Serums, 1 (30-pack) Presentation Tear Off Pad, 1 (25-pack) Newspapers, 1 (10-pack) LifeVantage® Opportunity DVDs, 1 LifeVantage Decal, 2 disc set Pro Audio series plus an additional four weeks of discs, and 1 free Elite Academy ticket.

Vantage Pack – $660.00 CAD (500 PV)
Start Kit, 9 Protandim Bottles, 1 LifeVantage TrueScience™ Beauty System (includes: 1 TrueScience™ Ultra Gentle Facial Cleanser Bottle, 1 TrueScience™ Perfecting Lotion Bottle, 1 TrueScience™ Eye Corrector Serum Bottle, and 1 TrueScience™ Cream Bottle), 1 (30-pack) Presentation Tear Off Pad, 1 (25-pack) Newspapers, 1 (10-pack) LifeVantage Opportunity DVDs, 1 LifeVantage Decal and 2 disc set Pro Audio series plus an additional four weeks of discs.

Freedom Pack – $330.00 CAD (250 PV) – Start Kit, 2 Protandim Bottles, and 1 LifeVantage TrueScience™ Beauty System (includes: 1 TrueScience™ Ultra Gentle Facial Cleanser Bottle, 1 TrueScience™ Perfecting Lotion Bottle, 1 TrueScience™ Eye Corrector Serum Bottle, and 1 TrueScience™ Cream Bottle).

Full details for Canada Distributor packages can be found here:

Is Protandim sold inside Canada?

Yes through an authorized distributor. The vast majority of sales of Protandim are mail order, and it doesn’t take long to arrive.  LifeVantage will be warehousing in Canada. Protandim is not allowed to be sold in retail stores, now or ever, you will have to purchase Protandim through an authorized distributor located in the United States or Canada.

When was Canada open for sale of LifeVantage Products?

Since June of 2013 we’ve been open to conduct business in Canada.

Can you upgrade to a distributor later?

Yes, login to your preferred customer website, and click the upgrade link on the far left. If you do not know how to do that, contact customer service by phone.


Preferred customers in Canada are also eligible to receive rebates (up to $120 per month) for referral enrollments for other preferred customers. A referral is when you refer another preferred customer. NOTE: In order to qualify you must be on a MONTHLY auto-ship, not every other month or quarterly. See the complete FAQ here:

Preferred Customer or Distributor?

While Preferred Customers can receive rebates, they cannot earn commissions.  Distributors can earn much more than $120 in rebate value, because Canada is just starting, the potential is extremely high for those who are interested in inviting others to learn about LifeVantage and Protandim.

Is Quebec Opening?

We’re not open in Quebec yet for distributors, but we are for customers.  LifeVantage is working on Quebec for distributors. Preferred Customers can enroll anywhere in the country.

Why is Quebec not open for Distributors?

LifeVantage needs to create French materials first.  Stay tuned for more details in the months ahead.

Is Protandim listed by Canada Health?

Yes, see this link: (Natural Product Number 80040726)

Can I get Canine Health in Canada?

Not at this time.  Health Canada has not approved it for sale inside of Canada.  You must purchase it on the USA, please inquire how you can do that.

Can I get PhysIQ in Canada?

Yes, PhysIQ is available in Canada, but only for individual consumption, not for resale.  Existing preferred customers or distributors may purchase PhysIQ by visiting this website: but you must be an existing preferred customer or distributor.  What is PhysIQ?  See or