Protandim Canada

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Protandim Canada

Protandim CanadaProtandim is now available in Canada for Customers and Distributors.  You can purchase Protandim as a customer or setup a distributor account and build a LifeVantage business. The company will pay commissions to distributors located in Canada.  For customers or distributors the cost of Protandim in Canada is the wholesale price of CAD$44 per bottle plus tax and shipping. Preferred Customers can save on shipping by setting up quarterly shipments instead of monthly orders.

Because LifeVantage is a referral based business, if you are already working with a LifeVantage distributor please contact them to purchase Protandim or enroll as a distributor. If you do not have a distributor to help you or if you need more information about how you can become involved in LifeVantage in Canada, I’m happy to help you, contact me or use the links on this page or the phone number below.

There are 3 options to get started.  You can be a preferred customer, create a one-time custom order or become a distributor.  Preferred Customers qualify to earn 25% rebates on referrals to other customers.  One time custom orders have no benefits, and the distributor options gives you commissions and a growing business as you share LifeVantage and Protandim with others.

It takes about 6-8 business days after you order to receive your Protandim order.  You can also order TrueScience as well, which is an amazing product, and contains the ingredients of Protandim in a topical creme.  Our Canine Health product is not available in Canada yet (we’re waiting for government approval before we can sell it in Canada), but custom orders can be arranged.

For local direct orders contact the following distributors:

In the Vancouver area, please visit this website: and contact Dora or Pete by phone 250-723-9372.

Edmonton or Calgary, please contact Marcel via email. or marcel by phone at 780-788-9198.

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  1. Jeff Lundgren

    PPeterson, yes you can. Just place orders in packages of 3, it will save you shipping costs and time. A 3 month supply is also a much better trial than a one month test. Contact me for questions.

  2. Humma Bob

    I’ve been using Protandim now for about 3 months, and I love the results. Thank you Jeff for getting me setup so quickly. Question however, will Protandim be helpful for my mother, she has some severe medical issues, and I’d like to get her started.

  3. Jeff Lundgren

    Yes Bob.. but we don’t make medical claims, but Protandim will lower oxidative stress by around 40% in 30 days, and that’s a big thing. If her problems are related to oxidative stress (and likely they are), then the body will use lower oxidative stress and hopefully do some of the repairs naturally. Call me by phone and I can help you get her setup as a preferred customer.

  4. Lorna Ty

    I would like to buy protandim for my husband. Do you have a distributor in Toronto area?

  5. Ravyn-donna Criece, Dartmouth, NS

    Hello Jeff…I am keen to order Protandim, for myself, here in Dartmouth, NS, I’d like to order for 6 months at a time, if possible. Not sure how to go about it, or if there is anyone here to order from. Kindly let me know…want to place an order now, and regularly after that.
    Thank you for any/all info, and thanks for the consideration.

  6. Jerry

    I’m interested in being a preferred customer, I heard about protandim from my sister in Florida, what do I do?

  7. Jeff Lundgren

    Jerry, please contact your sister and make sure that she becomes your sponsor. If you have questions let me know, you can use the instructions above, but please use her ID so that you get properly placed with her.

  8. ray harrison

    Hi Jeff, Im a Kidney transplant patient on immune supresant drugs, can I take this protandim safely ? Thank you very much, I do have a sponsor that I will start with if you can answer my question lol

  9. Jeff Lundgren

    I would get your doctors approval for that. You may not have an issue, but Protandim raises your immune response to the level of a healthy child, something your doctor may not want. But the skin car product doesn’t do that, and it contains protandim.

  10. Teresa


    I live in Winnipeg, and understanding that Protandim is now available in Canada, who should I contact to ask some questions regarding medications I am on and to also purchase the product. I believe this may also be a good fit for my husband, who fortunately is not on any medications but is suffering with arthritis and fatigue.

  11. Zdenka

    can my daughter who has MS and is in wheelchair take protandim?

  12. Jeff Lundgren

    Oh yes, and she would benefit from Protandim.

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