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LifeVantage and Protandim Thailand

LifeVantage is opening in Thailand LifeVantage is now open in Thailand as of March 25th 2015.  See the press release at: that occurred in November of 2014, with the formal announcement of the launch (March 25th 2015) pending press release. LifeVantage will conduct business under the corporation name of Read more

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Me Too Products vs Popular Products

In all areas of consumer goods with a variety of business channels from Retail, Online Sales to Direct Sales or Network Marketing, we find a variety of products.  In all categories, there are products that are alike, sharing in sets of other popular categories from coffee to candles. Then there Read more

LifeVantage and Protandim Thailand

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LifeVantage is opening in Thailand

LifeVantage is now open in Thailand as of March 25th 2015.  See the press release at: that occurred in November of 2014, with the formal announcement of the launch (March 25th 2015) pending press release.

LifeVantage will conduct business under the corporation name of LifeVantage (Thailand) Company Limited”, and will be the 8th country launch in the 5 year network marketing history of LifeVantage.  LifeVantage is launching with the TrueScience product skin care system (based on Nrf2 technologies found in Protandim) with Protandim and Axio following in the months ahead after regulatory approval. If you are interested in participating, I encourage you to work with the person who introduced you, however you may contact me if you need a sponsor or want to work with an existing team on the ground in Thailand.  I’m already working in Thailand with experienced networkers and also in the markets of: Australia, Canada, Hong Kong the Philippines, Japan and of course the USA and Mexico.

What is the final pricing?

All product prices and commissions are based on the conversion between the Thai Baht at 35 (THB) to 1 (USD) or 1 LifeVantage (PV).  LifeVantage uses a peg rate (a fixed rate to convert points into THB so that prices in commissions and products remain stable over time. There are 3 distributor packages available, each with product amounts based on the packages.  The Vantage Pack is THB ฿ 24,390 before shipping.  The Freedom Pack is THB ฿ 12,240 before shipping, and a basic special pack (not available in other markets) is THB ฿ 4,635 before shipping.  Most of the package contents are product, see details see the enrollment form:

Individual products can be purchased at the wholesale amounts shown here on the following form link above.

The compensation plan in English is shown here:

แผน รายได้ พบได้ที่นี่

The Office?

The Thailand LifeVantage office is located at:

No. 33/4, The 9th Tower B, Units TNB01-03, 14 Flr., Rama 9 Road, Huaykwang District, Bangkok

The office is open to anybody, there are conference rooms to use, but you must make an appointment to schedule the room for your teams. If you have questions about LifeVantage in Thailand, please contact a Thai distributor.  Again, if you were introduced to LifeVantage, please work with the person who introduced you.


The Official เว็บไซต์อย่างเป็นทางการ ของไทย Lifevantage:

The Official English Thailand LifeVantage website is

If you do NOT have an enroller, you may enroll here in English, ลงทะเบียน ที่นี่ ไทย.


Please reply with questions, I will keep this page updated over the next several months as news is announced.

TrueScience in Thai:

ABC News on Protandim in Thai:

Compensation Plan in Thai (Based on USD numbers prior to launch in March 2015, nearly identical, but use 35 to 1 conversion)

Me Too Products vs Popular Products

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me_tooIn all areas of consumer goods with a variety of business channels from Retail, Online Sales to Direct Sales or Network Marketing, we find a variety of products.  In all categories, there are products that are alike, sharing in sets of other popular categories from coffee to candles. Then there are unique products, that nobody has yet or even products that are so cutting edge, they create their own category.  The question often asked is do companies do well when they have unique goods or is it better to have popular ones.

The term “Me Too” is often used to describe companies who sell non unique goods or services  These companies advertise their product as a “better version” of things people are already familiar with, and compete based on price or some spin on an existing product.  A great example is coffee.   You can buy coffee from the grocery store, fast food restaurants, large retailers and specialty coffee stores such as Starbucks or Seattle’s Best Coffee. Even direct sales companies like Organo Gold, GanoLife, SereniGy, Vemma and Javita all sell their own version of coffee.  They get into price wars, discussions of who’s is best, but they all seem to do reasonably well, or is it possible the most simply ride the coat tails of the successful. The list goes on and on.

Then you have companies like LifeVantage when creating Protandim.  As a Nrf2 activator they pioneered a whole new category of nutraceutical therapy.

So which is better?  Is it certainly easier to bring a new version of an existing and well known product, such as an essential oil, candle, coffee or maybe a service such as cell phones or weight loss programs?  Or is it better to lead into a new market with a unique invention.  Certainly there are challenges around being first to market.  Companies that introduce a new product like and category attract more skeptics, however the opportunity is much larger if those products or services prove and gain adoption in the market.

I suppose the ability for companies to bring a new product into an already saturated market will be based on price points of each and also how much money that company has to carve out a large share of the market.  For example, it might be difficult for a new coffee company to displace Starbucks. Companies that area leading in a new category must have the validation from third parties, and the right leadership or money to bring the message to the masses.  This can be difficult, but who wouldn’t want to be the first Coffee company or have the first Nrf2 technology.

Its an interesting discussion.  Personally I like the idea of uniqueness in products and services. I think the potential is much higher given enough time and the benefit of timing. However we’ll continue to see companies (likely in for the short term) create “me too” products just to get a piece of a pie… even if they’re not the ones creating that pie.

LifeVantage Philippines and Protandim

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philippines_flag_posters-r081880f7d88f4e85a6f39512f8d4e6c0_z0e_8byvr_512LifeVantage and Philippines with Protandim

In September of 2013, LifeVantage announced an pre-launch, in the Philippines. As of December 10th 2013, the company entered a soft-launch period, and has begun shipping distributor kits (called Vantage Packs) and customer packages to enrolled preferred customers into all areas of the Philippines. LifeVantage is operating under an NFR license, meaning, its products Protandim and TrueScience™ are shipped from the United States, sold directly to consumers to the Philippines, but are not allowed for resale until full on the ground sale status is obtain likely by the end of 2014.  However LifeVantage is paying commissions to distributors for product orders, and in the process of growing the market through a phased approach that will result in full on the ground sales in the months ahead.  No official dates have been announced.

About LifeVantage: 

Founded in 2003, LifeVantage is headquartered in Salt Lake City, Utah, and is a leader in the fight against oxidative stress. LifeVantage offers science-based, research-backed products and a business opportunity to improve the physical and financial health of every consumer. We want everyone to prosper and thrive, and we are committed to doing it in a way that brings a better quality of life to the world.

LifeVantage products were originally distributed through retail outlets across the nation but in 2009, to more effectively educate consumers about its products and as a way to bolster its sales, strategically transitioned into network marketing. We accomplish our goal of helping provide physical and financial prosperity for all in a fiscally responsible, profitable way that rewards and is in the best interests of all our constituents: product consumers, distributors, employees, shareholders, board members and future consumers, and other constituents as well. Despite a sluggish economy, LifeVantage has seen unprecedented growth.

The purpose of this page is to provide information to help answer questions.  Please work with the person who introduced you to LifeVantage to get started as a customer or a distributor.  If you have questions, please reply.

Commonly Asked Questions

How much does it Cost? Distributors can enroll with a Vantage Pack under two plans, one is a ₱37,500 one time, that includes 10 Protandim bottles, and 1 TrueScience Regimen (4 products) with the business materials and starter kit, there is also a 13 bottle Protandim option for Vantage Pack orders.  You also get a website and other training materials.   Soon to be offered is a  ₱10,400 kit that comes with 4 Protandim, but has limitations in that the the distributor doesn’t earn the infinite fast start bonuses in the commission plan, so the vantage pack is a better option for most distributors looking to build a serious business.   TrueScience costs ₱4,300, but when shipped together the cost is ₱6,700.  Other programs in the near future will be available as the market is opened in phases.

Do you have a warehouse in Philippines? No. This will be obtained as the company establishes in the market.  This will help decrease shipping times and save costs, and will be available in the near future.

Do you have an office in the Philippines? Yes, but the office is owned and payed for by LifeVantage distributors, it is located in Pasig (Manila).  However distributors conduct small presentations in most major cities from Manila, Cebu to Davao and many other places.  When LifeVantage completes the company registration in the Philippines, they will acquire and staff their own office.  This process in our Japan market took about 2+ years.  The Philippines market is growing faster however.

Is Protandim and TrueScience PFDA approved? No, not yet, but the process (which involves several steps) has already been started, and is far along.  Protandim is already registered in several other markets, including Canada Health, Australia TGA, the USA FDA and other markets.  These things take time, and the Philippines is no different.

Is LifeVantage a binary?  No, its a dynamically compressed unilevel.  This is a very good thing.  It means even with one leg, you get paid, and you get help from your upline, because they don’t have binary type weak legs.  Dynamic compression allows for you to earn royalty on all products sold in your business.

What makes Protandim different than other products? Simple. Research.  Peer reviewed research published in 3rd party journals.  In most cases the research was funded and conducted outside of LifeVantage.  Protandim is also a different solution to oxidative stress.  Rather than taking antioxidants, that likely cause harm, you’re telling the body to make its own.

What makes LifeVantage different than other MLM companies? Transparency.  As a public traded company on the Nasdaq stock exchange in the USA, the security and exchange commissions requires them to publish their financials.  They’re also new, but experienced.  This way there is no experiment on the Philippines market.  LifeVantage is growing, and while they’re only in 6 countries, there are dozens more on the list.  This means the timing cannot be better.  Larger companies who have already expanded globally, have lost much of the timing.

How do I change my order? At anytime you can simply contact customer service by calling 02.395.3355

How are commissions paid? Direct deposit to your bank account.

Can I sponsor distributors and customers in other countries?  Yes.  The USA, Canada, Mexico, Japan, Australia and Hong Kong.  LifeVantage has a one global commissions structure.

Where can I learn more? Please get with the person who introduced you, or find out more information on websites such as or or

I read on the Internet Protandim and LifeVantage are scams? Anybody can say anything they want on the Internet, but it doesn’t make it true.  It’s well understood these sources (who are not reliable) also not disclose their real name and hide behind aliases.  This is a good sign that they’re not trustworthy.  In contrast, Protandim has been published in medical journals who’s authors have been disclosed, and who’s research have been reviewed and validated by their editors, doctor’s and attorney’s.  Also, because LifeVantage is traded on the Nasdaq, has been reviewed by several governments regulators and is conducting their business in the full light of regulatory review on a regular basis.  If you have specific questions, there are specific answers.

How do I enroll? That’s easy too. Watch this short video:

Please make sure you work with your enroller to get signed up.

Here are details on the new Freedom Pack

Do I need a credit card to enroll? No, a credit card works, or any debit bank card, so long as it has the Visa or Master card logo on the card.  Several banks can issue such a debit card.

Is there a monthly autoship requirement for distributors? An optional autoship as low as ₱2,600 can be setup, changed or cancelled at anytime.  Commissions are based on points, and most distributors setup enough points on an autoship to qualify to maximize commissions.

How long does shipping take? Now that LifeVantage is using Johnny Air, shipments take anywhere from 7-10 business days. However, due to the backlog of all commercial packages currently being held in warehouses in areas around Cebu due to relief efforts, it might take more than 10 days.  LifeVantage no longer uses Philippine Post for shipping.

If you have comments or questions please reply or message me.

LifeVantage Sponsor Salt Lake Real

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LifeVantage Salt Lake Real

LifeVantage Salt Lake Real Soccer Sponsorship Jersey

Real Salt Lake (Professional Soccer) announced at the end of October 2013 a new partnered with LifeVantage Corporation with a 10 year,  30 million dollar jersey sponsorship that ranks among the most groundbreaking partnerships in Major League Soccer history. I’ve read through a few blogs and RSL fan forums, and I’m intrigued about the feedback I’ve seen.  While there are a few critics (as is typical), the news is very positive, and I’m glad to see RSL and LifeVantage engage in a relationship that will benefit them both.

LifeVantage is a Multi Level Network marketing company (often called MLM) or direct sales based out of Salt Lake City.  They are a memeber of the Direct Sales Association, and they’re open for business in the USA, Japan, Australia, Canada, Mexico and Hong Kong.  Their headquarters are actually close to the Rio Tinto Stadium, where a new building is being constructed adjacent to the existing leased office space.

LifeVantage’s flag ship product is called Protandim.  Protandim is an Nrf2 activator shown to reduce oxidative stress by an average of 40%.  Protandim has been featured on several news programs such as ABC Primetime back when Protandim was sold in retail stores. Since 2005, a couple dozen self funded studies have been initiated by major universities around the world, and today 15 have been completed, peer reviewed and published in scientific and medical journals.

LifeVantage is a public traded company (on the NASDAQ stock exchange).  Last year, LifeVantage was the 2nd fastest growing company in all of Utah, and the year previous was the 3rd fastest growing company in the state of Utah.  The transparency of LifeVantage’s financial position make it a stable relationship for RSL, and I suspect that attracted RSL, having a transparent local and successful company in for a long term commitment.

This sponsorship as I understand it, is $30 million over 10 years.  This contract is higher than the previous Xango contract.  It brings more money into the club, and will help keep Real Salt Lake moving toward their long term goals of being a champion recognized team.  The outgoing jersey sponsor Xango (another Utah based network marketing company) has also pulled out of other Wasatch front sponsorship’s, including Thanksgiving point in Lehi.  However, since Xango is privately held company, I can only speculate on their financial situation.

But LifeVantage has something unique.  A product that nobody has, validated by third parties and protected by several US and international patents.  The company as stated is Publicly traded, local to Salt Lake City, and is growing quickly among all company’s in the region, and the industry. However I get some people are not interested in the industry of Network Marketing.  I suppose its because its a business that anybody can participate in, but few people will do, just like anything in life: clubs, business or churches in the public eye, draw their skeptics as well.  Many will source their opinions from Internet tabloid content I suspect, but that’s true with just about anything on the Internet.

Admittedly, I’m biased on the partnership with LifeVantage, however being a Real Salt Lake fan, I see it as a win-win for both partners.  RSL gets funding they need, and LifeVantage pairs their public sponsorship with the levels of much larger companies such as Herbalife (a multi billion dollar MLM) that has been on Los Angeles Galaxy’s shirt since 2007.  This also puts LifeVantage into the same sponsorship circles as Volkswagan, Quaker Oats, XBox, Alaska Airlines and other brands who also sponsor in professional Soccer.

In the end, I think most fans will come to respect how LifeVantage professionally participates with the club.  And maybe at some point the players will realize what other professional teams are finding, Protandim is also a great supplement for athletes as well (see Baltimore Ravens and Protandim), and while I think the BSCG Certification means RSL players could use Protandim in their health regimen, I don’t think the engagement requires it.

See for complete details.

For more information in Protandim see or for my distributor page. I’m also Utah based.

Protandim at VCU Medical Center on Hypertension

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Protandim Study #12 as we’re calling it, focuses on Protandim’s ability to reduce hypertension and what it can mean for human intervention in future studies. This is followup review from the previous VCU study published in the American Heart Association study, and adds:

Significance: Pathobiological mechanisms which contribute to pulmonary vasoconstriction, lung vascular remodeling and the development of right heart failure include the generation of reactive oxygen and nitrogen species and the response of lung vascular and cardiac cells to these molecules. We review the information regarding oxidant stress balanced by antioxidant mechanisms and the role of oxidants and antioxidants in hypoxic pulmonary hypertension and their potential role in an animal model of severe pulmonary arterial hypertension (PAH). Recent Advances: In human lung tissue from patients with idiopathic PAH we find reduced SOD activity and high expression of the oxidant stress markers nitrotyrosine and 8-OH-guanosine. In the Sugen 5416/chronic hypoxia model of PAH lung tissue expression of nitrotyrosine and hemeoxygenase 1 (HO-1) is substantial, while HO-1 expression in the failing right ventricle is decreased. This model, based on administration of the VEGF receptor blocker Sugen 5416 and chronic hypoxia (Su/Hx), reproduces many of the characteristic features of severe angioobliterative human PAH. Treatment of Su/Hx rats with ‘protandim,’ which Nrf-2-dependently upregulates the expression of genes encoding antioxidant enzymes, protects against right heart failure without affecting angioobliterative PAH. Critical Issues: In human severe PAH, patient survival is determined by the function of the stressed right ventricle; investigation of oxidative and nitrosative stresses and their potential contribution to right heart failure is necessary. Future Directions: Antioxidant therapeutic strategies may be of benefit in the setting of human severe PAH. Whether antioxidant strategies affect lung vascular remodeling and/or prevent right heart failure remains to be examined.

Protandim and Human Coronary Artery Endothelial Cells

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A new Protandim study conducted by the Department of Health and Exercise Science, Colorado State University, shows that Protandim when used in vitro with human cells that line the inside of coronary arteries are dramatically protected from cellular death caused by oxidative stress. The study shows that without Protandim 34% of cells “die” however when pretreatment with Protandim resulted in only 6% cell death. This study shows Protandim stimulates via Nrf2 the production of several key proteins and enzymes (in some cases twice as much or up to 7 times as much more) that fight free radical damage. This study shows Protandim can reduce endothelial cell oxidative stress and has potential to reduce associated vascular disease states.


This is the 11th Study on Protandim that is waiting to be published, however the full text is found here at

Because Protandim is a dietary supplement, it is not meant to cure or prevent disease. This blog above simply states the findings from the research study.

This is the 11th Study on Protandim, released in June 2012

Elevated TBARS is a strongly predictive of cardiovascular events

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In resarch released some years ago, Serum levels of TBARS were strongly predictive of cardiovascular events in patients with stable CAD, independently of traditional risk factors and inflammatory markers. See:

This means that Protandim proven to reduce TBARS, could be a very strong preventative measure against heart disease. This echo’s findings from the American Heart Association’s published article on Protandim back in 2009.

Is TBARS a valid measurement of oxidative stress? Yes. And it speaks volumes to the clinical effects of what Protandim can do.

Protandim Canada

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Protandim Canada

Protandim CanadaProtandim is now available in Canada for Customers and Distributors.  You can purchase Protandim as a customer or setup a distributor account and build a LifeVantage business. The company will pay commissions to distributors located in Canada.  For customers or distributors the cost of Protandim in Canada is the wholesale price of CAD$44 per bottle plus tax and shipping. Preferred Customers can save on shipping by setting up quarterly shipments instead of monthly orders.

Because LifeVantage is a referral based business, if you are already working with a LifeVantage distributor please contact them to purchase Protandim or enroll as a distributor. If you do not have a distributor to help you or if you need more information about how you can become involved in LifeVantage in Canada, I’m happy to help you, contact me or use the links on this page or the phone number below.

There are 3 options to get started.  You can be a preferred customer, create a one-time custom order or become a distributor.  Preferred Customers qualify to earn 25% rebates on referrals to other customers.  One time custom orders have no benefits, and the distributor options gives you commissions and a growing business as you share LifeVantage and Protandim with others.

It takes about 6-8 business days after you order to receive your Protandim order.  You can also order TrueScience as well, which is an amazing product, and contains the ingredients of Protandim in a topical creme.  Our Canine Health product is not available in Canada yet (we’re waiting for government approval before we can sell it in Canada), but custom orders can be arranged.

For local direct orders contact the following distributors:

In the Vancouver area, please visit this website: and contact Dora or Pete by phone 250-723-9372.

Edmonton or Calgary, please contact Marcel via email. or marcel by phone at 780-788-9198.

Nova Scotia contact Christoph via email in Halifax.

For Chinese orders for Canada, contact Raymond 汉语.

Become a distributor in Canada?

Yes, we’re fully open with the correct listing and approval from government agencies. You will need a sponsor to enroll you.  If you need a sponsor, please send me a message via email. However, again, if you are currently working with an existing distributor please continue to work with that person.  My interest is helping the entire country, so please feel free to ask any questions.

Parlez-vous français?

How do you Buy Protandim in Canada Now?

There are three options to buy Protandim in Canada.  One is become a preferred customer, the other is to place a one time custom order, and the third is enroll as a distributor.

Option 1 – Preferred Customer Account
To create a preferred customer account there are no additional costs, you simply buy Protandim at CDN $44 per bottle plus VAT and shipping. Here is a short video on how to do that. Then send me an email, and if you prefer I can have LifeVantage change your order to quarterly or every other month. This saves you on shipping costs, however you will pay sales tax for your province or territory.

Buy Protandim as a Customer

Watch this video about how to setup a preferred customer account below:

How to Video:

Option 2 – Custom Orders via Email or Phone
Call me (or contact me via email) for a custom Protandim order, or can help get you started that works for you.

PHONE ORDERS call 866-460-9610 or send me a message via email.

For Local orders in Canada see the list above on this page, or call this number 866-460-9610, and I will connect you with a person close to you.

Option 3 – Sign up as a LifeVantage Distributor in Canada
Become a LifeVantage Distributor in Canada and grow a LifeVantage/Protandim business

If you do NOT have a sponsor, click here to enroll, then click JOIN US in the menu

My ID is 132602 if you need a sponsor.

Watch this video about how to enroll as a LifeVantage distributor in Canada:

How to Video:

(NOTE: If already have a sponsor, please contact them to enroll)


Is Protandim sold inside Canada?
Yes through an authorized distributor. The vast majority of sales of Protandim are mail order, and it doesn’t take long to arrive.  LifeVantage will be warehousing in Canada. Protandim is not allowed to be sold in retail stores, now or ever, you will have to purchase Protandim through an authorized distributor located in the United States or Canada.

How are we opening Canada?

Since June of 2013 we’ve been open to conduct business in Canada.

Upgrading to a Distributor
Yes, login to your preferred customer website, and click the upgrade link on the far left. If you do not know how to do that, contact customer service by phone.

Preferred customers in Canada are also eligible to receive rebates (up to $120 per month) for referral enrollments for other preferred customers. A referral is when you refer another preferred customer. NOTE: In order to qualify you must be on a MONTHLY auto-ship, not every other month or quarterly. See the complete FAQ here:

Preferred Customer or Distributor?

While Preferred Customers can receive rebates, they cannot earn commissions.  Distributors can earn much more than $120 in rebate value, because Canada is just starting, the potential is extremely high for those who are interested in inviting others to learn about LifeVantage and Protandim.

Is Quebec Opening?

We’re not opening Quebec yet. We’re also not opening New Newfoundland/Labrador for distributors at this time (but we’re waiting on approval). LifeVantage is working on Quebec. Preferred Customers can enroll anywhere in the country.  PC’s for a short time can also enroll distributors.  Very interesting option for those in Quebec.

Why is Quebec Opening?

Not at this time, LifeVantage needs to create French materials first.

Stay tuned for more details.

Is Protandim listed by Canada Health?

Yes, see this link: (Natural Product Number 80040726)